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Life isn’t easy and how you decide to deal with it will determine the quality of life you will live.  For most people we get up and work throughout the day, managing issues that come along the best we can and when our days are done relax to either watching Netflix or reading a good book.  For others, they need to find an escape from the world.  Unfortunately, their escape is through drugs, alcohol and other substances.

When this occurs, we feel great, in the beginning.  However, over time these substances begin to take control and alter our bodies chemistry to a point that they now rely on these substances to function normally.  If, however, we don’t get these substances our bodies will go into withdrawal which could lead to major issues even death.

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This is why many people will turn to recovery programs.  For many, detox programs in st simons, ga are their only option if they ever hope to find a level of normalcy.  With a detox program we are brought through chemical withdrawals safely and started down the path to counseling.  How one deals with these treatments will be the foundation as to how they will approach the rest of their lives.

Talk to others

To get help you need to talk.  Most people will avoid treatment because they refuse to talk to people about their issues.  For many, talking or admitting that they have an issue is a sign of weakness.  When we talk to others, we are opening up our lives, our mistakes and really showing who we are inside.  This is very hard to do but is necessary if we ever want to get well.


Out of everything that you do, time is going to be the main component that will determine your success. For many suffering from substance abuse, this is going to be a lifelong struggle that we need to address and work through.  Trying to rush a cure won’t happen.  Those suffering from substance abuse will always suffer.  It just turns out to weather you say yes or no.