Preparing for Electroconvulsive Therapy

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ECT is now done under proper regulations of how much electricity is allowed to pass the brain. The procedure is monitored, and the risks are minimum, even though there are some minor side effects.

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If you’re going to get an ECT, given below are a few things you should do to get prepared for the unnecessarily stigmatized treatment.  

What happens before the treatment

Due to the strict regulations attached to ECT, it cannot be conducted at the patient’s request or the doctor’s order. There are a few things that are done pre-treatment to make the procedure safe.

·    Understanding the patient’s medical history – this is done to make sure that ECT is safe to be conducted on the patient. People with heart and lung issues should not get ECT since they are at great risk of getting side effects. 

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·    Administration of anesthesia- since it is necessary for your safety to get anesthesia, you’d be proscribed certain food items and drinks. Be sure to follow the medical teams’ instructions religiously.

·    Insertion of intravenous (IV) line – This is done to ensure that your body has the right hydration, medicines, and other things while the electroconvulsive therapy is ongoing. This IV line will constantly supply your body with muscle-relaxants and anesthesia for safety.

·    Placement of electrode pads on your head – these electrode pads are the source of electricity that passes through the brain.


Modern medicine has come a long way. With it has evolved electroconvulsive therapy. Unlike its reputation, it is a generally safe treatment that is the permanent solution to most mental conditions.